Business Spotlight: LDCENY


Found out about this company when I learned about the merchant event they seem to be sponsoring. Although I find it strange it’s not up on their website, they offer so much for the East NY community!

Who We Are
and What We Do

The Local Development Corporation of East New York is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making East Brooklyn a better place to live and work. We pursue this objective by promoting a physical environment and other conditions that are supportive to businesses, large and small. LDC initiatives include working with city agencies to promote safety and sanitation, preserving and developing the local industrial base and attracting new businesses to the area. The LDC provides support to businesses located in the community’s industrial areas, commercial strips and retail malls. We also provide assistance to individuals who are starting or expanding businesses. These range from sole proprietorships with a few employees to larger companies employing hundreds of people.

If you are looking for a home for your business, why not take a look of what East New York has to offer. If you are considering locating here and need assistance with identifying and acquiring a location, the LDC looks forward to working with you. We will also assist you in negotiating the various city agencies as well as identifying and obtaining financing, if necessary. Should you need assistance in putting together a business plan and / or loan proposal, we are here for you as well. In short, we will be your advocate every step of the way.

The business professionals on our staff offer expertise in a variety of business areas, including financing, marketing, and management. If you are a small business owner or aspire to become one, the LDCENY has resources that can help you to succeed.

We train and counsel entrepreneurs, provide support for local industry, and initiate projects for the improvement of the community and the quality of life of local residents. Through these efforts, the LDCENY is helping East New Yorkers to build prosperity.

The LDCENY is organized into the following divisions: industry, business development, environment, and housing. The work of each division is critical to achieving the overall mission of the organization.


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