‘Harmless’ gases in NYC subways this summer. Be very aware


So this is a good time to learn how to drive and rent a zip car. Ride your bike or walk everywhere, or don’t leave your neighborhood all summer. We never had a choice on this it seems. They just sprung it on us as if we HAVE to accept this. It’s sad that we don’t realize that we have a choice and really should stand against this nonsense  How do we know this gas is ‘harmless’? And how is that in the photo the figure is wearing a gas mask. If you don’t own a gas mask hit amazon NOW! Michael Jackson had it right. I’d hate to hear that my fellow people have come down with something because the NYPD and the US gov’t decided to experiment on us.

I wish we would take note from other countries and take back our city and country. ‘Harmless’ gas my ass!


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