Wellness Center in East NY!

Hello East New York lovers!

So sorry I have been out of touch! I have been so incredibly busy. Right now I am in massage therapy school undergoing a rigorous educational regimen. The end goal is to open a small wellness center in East New York. There services such as yoga, pilates, spa services, therapeutic and swedish massage sessions would take place. At low cost and/or sliding scale for the members of the East NY community, it will be incredibly helpful in providing for the community alternative health and relaxation services normally not afforded to us. 

School is hard and incredibly exhausting. But I am suffering for you to bring some luxuries to this community. I hope I will be able to get all your assistance when I am in start up phase. Tonight I am applying for a grant to help with start up costs for the center. Later in the year I hope to be looking for space. I hope to get volunteers that are a part of the wellness community to come in and assist in educating and caring for all of our health and well being.

I will be in touch monthly or weekly if I can. Making additions to this blog and showing the rest of Brooklyn and New York just how wonderful this community is.



ENY Blogger


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