Wellness Center in East NY!

Hello East New York lovers!

So sorry I have been out of touch! I have been so incredibly busy. Right now I am in massage therapy school undergoing a rigorous educational regimen. The end goal is to open a small wellness center in East New York. There services such as yoga, pilates, spa services, therapeutic and swedish massage sessions would take place. At low cost and/or sliding scale for the members of the East NY community, it will be incredibly helpful in providing for the community alternative health and relaxation services normally not afforded to us. 

School is hard and incredibly exhausting. But I am suffering for you to bring some luxuries to this community. I hope I will be able to get all your assistance when I am in start up phase. Tonight I am applying for a grant to help with start up costs for the center. Later in the year I hope to be looking for space. I hope to get volunteers that are a part of the wellness community to come in and assist in educating and caring for all of our health and well being.

I will be in touch monthly or weekly if I can. Making additions to this blog and showing the rest of Brooklyn and New York just how wonderful this community is.



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Come to East NY for locally grown food.


If memory serves me correctly, I was once told that East NY has the largest garden population in the five buroughs. If you like to buy local, this is the place to be! http://eastnewyorkfarms.org/

East New York Farms! grows fresh food for our community and provides support to help others do the same. We manage two urban farms–the UCC Youth Farm and Hands and Heart Garden— and work with an ever-growing network of gardeners representing backyard gardens and many of the over 60 community gardens throughout East New York.

East New York Brooklyn Business Opportunities!

Are you a 

merchant looking to
sell your pr


Friday, April 26, 2013

3 pm – 6 pm

Pitkin Avenue at Vermont Street

The LDC of East New York is launching a campaign on Pitkin Avenue (between Pennsylvania Ave. and So. Conduit Blvd) to attract new businesses to the area, and what better way to introduce the community to new shopping possibilities!
This outdoor venture will provide options for community shoppers and give property owners a chance to connect with possible tenants.
IT’S FREE!! You just need to bring your own tables, chairs, and tent.
Please call Gail Davis, LDCENY at 718.385.6700 x 20 or email gaild@ldceny.org for reservation.
no rain date.

mxgm.org – Crystal House Project

Greetings of Spring everyone!

Crystal House is a project that recognizes housing as a Human Right.
The right to housing guarantees the right to live in security, peace
and dignity. This right must be provided to all persons regardless of
income or access to economic resources. The right to housing should
not be narrowly defined or restricted to being viewed as a commodity
wholly dependent on market forces. Instead, housing should be viewed
as a fundamental resource indispensable to ensuring human development
and community participation.

The project came together as a transitional low cost living space
dedicated to supporting the growth and leadership of Black & Brown
poor/working/ and queer individuals. Crystal House is a place to
identify, understand and transform colonization and aims to provide a
safe space for holistic healing with access to resources and training.
(find out more at http://mxgm.org/crystal-house-project/)

We currently have two rooms available in our beautiful house in East
NY, Brooklyn. Located a short (5 min) walk from the A/C train at Euclid Ave. J train is also a 10-15 min walk away at Crescent St stop.

One room is on the small side, very cozy but gets amazing light and
beautiful cool breezes in the spring/summer. Has a built in floor to
ceiling shelves and can fit a full size bed & dresser. This room is on
the top floor and goes from 350-$450/month with utilities included.The
second room is on the basement level, and is the larger of the two.
The larger room has a private bathroom with standing shower,
refrigerator, and sink, as well as private entrance via the backyard.
The rent is $600-650 per month including utilities. There is also $20
monthly dues that everyone pays in addition to rent to cover the cost
of common items such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies & wireless
services. Both rooms are available on a month to month basis, for
short or long tetm stay.

You must:
-Be POC ( This is a POC space)
-Be able to pay your rent on time. This house is a cooperative in many
ways, one being economic. If you can’t pay your rent, it puts the
entire house at risk. You don’t need to have a job just a way to pay
your bills on time, how ever that may be (judgement free zone).
-Be willing to participate in the co-operative lifestyle. What does
that mean? As a housing cooperative, we take turns doing the chores
that keep our home clean & beautiful. Chores are rotated on a weekly
basis at random according to the chore chart, everyone gets a turn at
We also have house meetings bi weekly and house dinner bi-weekly.
Attendence is required by everyone who lives in the house.

Some other things to know:
-Two of us have young children. One of which stays at our house
bi-weekly. The others come every weekend. This is just an fyi to say
that if you don’t like children, this may not be the place for you.
-We also have two house cats Shaka & Ginger. Very sweet & loving cats
that occasionally pretend to be blind and poop in the sink/bathtub.
At this time we are not accepting any more animals into the space. If
you have fish or something, that’s fine but no cats/dogs.. Sorry.

-There is a garden in our backyard which we are bringing back to life so we’d highly appreciate anyone with experience or interest in participating in this project. There’s also a 20-year-old community garden around the block which the house has historically been involved and which we encourage participation with.

-We don’t have cable but we do have a tv with DVD player & wireless service.

What is the process in getting housing at Crystal House?

Folks interested in living at Crystal House meet the current headz
living in the space to see whether or not folks are feeling one
another. If all goes well and you are still interested folks who live
in the house take a vote where everyone must agree.

If all this sounds like a place you can love living in, contact Asere
at 646-483-0514(please text before hand) or email at